Thursday, February 7, 2008

Well, just a quick update here. Nikki had a doctor's appointment today. Her due date is the 25th of this month, but, Ashtyn is so excited that she might just come in a little over a week! Wow, our lives about to change!
I (Matt) spent the weekend in Oklahoma with family and the Muskogee Church of Christ. I went to talk with them about what all is going on in our lives and about our calling to missions in Greece. I had an incredible time and was very encouraged by the church. It was great to see and talk with so many who were instrumental in my growing up. I also got to know some of the leadership a bit better and was very impressed with what God is doing among that church.
Nikki and I are having dinner on Saturday with a guy and his wife who are on the Hellenic Ministries board. We are excited to meet them and visit with them.
Nikki's mom is arriving a week from Friday. She'll stay with us for awhile to help with the baby. How awesome is that?!
Pictures are coming, I just wanted to make sure I got an update on here for now. Consistently updating this blog is definitly a New Year's resolution. The good thing is I don't have to give up ice cream to do it!


Melody said...

Yay!!! Your first post...I'm so glad there is finally something on here for me to look at :) And I cannot wait for you guys to be parents...It is the most wonderful, amazing job in the whole wide world...Can't wait to meet Ashtyn and see pictures of her on here :) Good luck you guys & I'm waiting for that call!!!!

leslief said...

Nikki and Matt CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am sure your lives are already not the same and the way you know love now is not the same as you knew it before! We are so happy for you and we pray for health and blessings on your family. Ashtyn is gorgious!!!!!