Friday, April 25, 2008

Ashtyn is two months old!

For some reason, every time Ashtyn is in her swing she blows bubbles around her lips.

Tummy time will help even out her flat head from lying on her back.

This blanket is called the Amazing Miracle Blanket. Aunt Melody gave it to us and it has worked wonders. As soon as she is all wrapped up she stops crying and goes to sleep. She will usually sleep for 5 hours at night between feedings which helps me make it through the next school day. We love this blanket!

Ashtyn likes her pacifier, but we have to hold it in her mouth. She has a strange suck and she can't keep it in her mouth on her own. She sucks on it when it's time for her to go to sleep.

She is wearing some cute little shoes that Louella Wilks gave to her! She has almost outgrown them already.

Ashtyn smiles more and more every day. It is so much fun! We will act so silly just to get a smile out of her. She is now a little over 10 lbs and she just had her two month vaccinations a few days ago. She screamed and turned red and then gave me a look like "Mommy, I can't believe they just did that to me!" Oh, she broke my heart....

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Melody said...

she is getting SOOO big! I love her blue eyes :) Can't wait to see her and hold her and kiss her again!!!