Monday, June 2, 2008

Rolling over is fun!

Ashtyn loves to hold her skirts up and giggle...we're working on learning how to be a lady!

Ashtyn rolled over for the first time today, and I was so excited! She has been trying to roll from her back to her tummy for the last two days, and she finally made, it was a lot of work for her! The first time took quite a while, but the second time was pretty quick. Now I know why parents always ooh and ahh for the smallest things!

We are getting ready for our one month trip to Dallas and Oklahoma. I'm flying with Ashtyn on Thursday to Dallas. I have no idea what to I'm a little nervous! She tends to get bored with things quickly and wants to be held. Oh, and she wants me to walk and hold her...I'm not allowed to sit down! Oh no!

Here are a few recent pics. She is smiling and she talks all the time!