Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun, Books and Nasty Peas!

Ashtyn has been so much fun lately! She is doing something new every day and it is so interesting to watch her learn and grow. She is listening to us read stories to her before bedtime, she loves to put her feet in her mouth, and has really enjoyed the pool. Two weeks ago we started her on rice cereal and she is doing so much better with it now. She even opens her mouth on her own when she sees the spoon coming. Our doctor told us to start her on green vegetables this week, so while we were at the store we picked up some peas and green beans for her. Coming from a mom who LOVES broccoli, asparagus, and zucchini I was very excited to introduce her to vegetables! I thought she would just love them! Boy was I wrong!! She was almost in shock over how terrible they tasted and I think you'll be able to see how she felt about her first spoonful of green peas!!! Notice the progression of her thoughts. (If you have any successful tips on feeding vegetables to a baby, please share!)

Story time


No, not another picture mom!

Wow, this is cool!

Yea! I get to try a new kind of food today!!'s green?!

Ewww...this tastes awful!

Am I supposed to swallow this?

Get this off my tongue!

You're kidding me....another spoonful?

No way!!

Okay...we're done!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Four Generations

Last week my parents from Greece and grandparents from Virginia came to see Ashtyn. It was my dad's first time to see her! It was such a special treat to have Grandma and Grandpa Brown fly down to see us. It had been almost 6 years since we last saw them. We had so much fun catching up and playing with Ashtyn. While they were here we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It is suitable for all ages and Ashtyn loved looking at the fish.
We are now in the process of packing up our home for our move. There are so many things to think about so we're taking it one day at a time!
Mimi and Ashtyn

Four generations...

Great Grandpa and Grandma Brown

At the Georgia Aquarium with the Beluga whales!

Papou and Ashtyn

Papou and Mimi

Our little squirt watching Baby Einstein

Great Grandma Brown and Ashtyn

Great Grandpa Brown

Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Trip to Dallas, Rockport, & Oklahoma

We just got back a few days ago from our family trip to Texas and Oklahoma. It was so good to see everybody before our big move to Greece. We will miss everyone tremendously! I first flew out to Dallas to spend time with my sister, Melody and her husband Andy. Their two beautiful children, Jackson and Zoe, have grown so much and are so much fun to be around. Jackson can talk up a storm and says the cutest things! Ashtyn wished she could be just as active and talkative! While we were there Ashtyn got sick on Matt's birthday. She woke up crying and throwing up. We went to Melody's pediatrician, had some x-rays taken and they decided she had a virus. Thankfully it only lasted one day, but this was definitely her most miserable day yet. I felt so bad for her!

We celebrated Matt and Miranda's birthday together again this year. Matt celebrated his first Father's Day too! While we were in Dallas we found a new home for Tyson. It was heart breaking to make the decision to give him away, but with a new baby and our move to Greece he needed more attention. We feel comfortable with his new home and we already heard back that he is a good companion. We will love you forever Tyson!

We drove to Whitney, TX to pick up Bob, Steve, Celinda, Brooke, and Lauren and we drove to Rockport, TX. Vicki did extensive research picking out a house to rent for the week and she did a fabulous job! The house was gorgeous. It overlooked the canal where you could fish, canoe, and enjoy the view. Every house was unique in it's own way. Ours had just been renovated and the decor was beautifully done. We had wonderful seafood too! One of my favorite days was the drive to the beach. We all got to swim and Ashtyn had her first little dip in the water. The guys caught a jelly fish in a bucket, and Chloe created her own little swimming pool in the sand. I think she could have stayed there until the sun went down...she had so much fun!

Unfortunately Doug had to leave early to go back to work so Miranda, Chloe, Matt, Ashtyn and I drove back to Dallas together. Chloe was tired and Ashtyn was crying so we decided to stay the night in a hotel on the way back so they could get a good nights sleep! This was a great idea...thanks Miranda! :)

The next day we drove to Oklahoma! Ashtyn definitely grew accustomed to the car after this trip and now doesn't mind her carseat so much anymore. We spent time with Gram (Nancy), Kevin, Tanner, Grandma and Poppy, Greg, Robin, D.J., Stan, Kathy, and David! We had planned on a boat trip with Stan's cool, new boat but it rained that day and we didn't get to go. Oh well, we still had good food to eat! :)

It was a real priviledge to spend time with special people from Muskogee Church of Christ. We are so grateful to know they will be our home church when we head off to Greece. Matt had the opportunity to preach on Sunday and we had a wonderful dinner at David and Suzette Hall's house. We feel so blessed to be connected with this church and we look forward to all our future events and involvement with them.

We drove back to Dallas, packed up our bags and Matt drove back to Atlanta and I flew back with Ashtyn. We are so happy to be back home in our own beds/crib, but we will never forget this trip.

We want to thank everyone for their hospitality and special memories we had together!

Uncle Stan and Ashtyn

Gram and Ashtyn

Grandma and Poppy

Sleeping in the carseat...again!

Michael in the kitchen!

Rockport, TX

Chloe and Ashtyn

Daddy and Ashtyn

Fishing off the dock!

The house across from ours

Chloe with her butterfly tattoos!

Gigi and Ashtyn

Chloe had so much fun in this pool!

Lauren and Ashtyn playing together

Celinda and Brooke

Gigi and Grandpa Gary bought this seat for Ashtyn. She really likes it!

Hmmm...I'm in this carseat again???

They caught a jelly fish and put it in this bucket

Ashtyn's first swim!

Chloe enjoying the water...

Happy Birthday Matt and Miranda!

Sweet little Zoe in a Dora chair!

Jackson and Chloe

Uncle Andy and Ashtyn


Aunt Miranda

Grandpa Gary and Ashtyn