Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun, Books and Nasty Peas!

Ashtyn has been so much fun lately! She is doing something new every day and it is so interesting to watch her learn and grow. She is listening to us read stories to her before bedtime, she loves to put her feet in her mouth, and has really enjoyed the pool. Two weeks ago we started her on rice cereal and she is doing so much better with it now. She even opens her mouth on her own when she sees the spoon coming. Our doctor told us to start her on green vegetables this week, so while we were at the store we picked up some peas and green beans for her. Coming from a mom who LOVES broccoli, asparagus, and zucchini I was very excited to introduce her to vegetables! I thought she would just love them! Boy was I wrong!! She was almost in shock over how terrible they tasted and I think you'll be able to see how she felt about her first spoonful of green peas!!! Notice the progression of her thoughts. (If you have any successful tips on feeding vegetables to a baby, please share!)

Story time


No, not another picture mom!

Wow, this is cool!

Yea! I get to try a new kind of food today!!'s green?!

Ewww...this tastes awful!

Am I supposed to swallow this?

Get this off my tongue!

You're kidding me....another spoonful?

No way!!

Okay...we're done!


Brett, April, Caden & Corban said...

With Caden (first-time around), I just kept feeding them to him...he eventually got it, although always preferred the fruits and orange veggies (which showed, because he had an orange nose). With Corban, I mix the green veggies with carrots, apples, or even baby cereal and he eats them like they are the best thing ever. If you have already introduced any of the other foods, add a little bit of the peas (or other veggie) to it at a time, increasing the amount of green at each feeding. Also, once she starts actually feeding herself, you may find she'll eat up green beans or peas simply because she can do it herself. Good luck!

Brady and Kristin said...

Have you actually tried this yourself. I did! Yuk!!! But for some odd reason Abby likes the taste of it. I guess she thought anything was better than milk and cereal all of the time. Brady

Jennifer said...

Hi Nikki,

I am Jennifer. I was your sisters roomate in college. I met you once or twice. Anyway, I don't know if you have time for this, but I made my babyfood. I bought frozen bags of veggies, like peas. Anyway, I steamed them and blended them up in the blender and added water to get the right consistancy. With peas you have to strain it through a strainer to make sure you get all the skins from the peas out. Then I would freeze them in ice trays and pull them out as needed. I did this with all veggies and some fruits. We had sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans, apples and I even got creative and mixed stuff together. It was really fun and you can actually know what you are giving your baby. Hope everything goes well. Let me know if you try making your own food or if you need any suggestions.