Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost time to go...

We are leaving for Greece in 9 days. We have been busy taking care of all the details on this end as the time draws closer for us to leave. It seems like the list is neverending, but we are taking one day at a time. We had a successful day today at the Greek Consulate getting our marriage registered in Greece so that Matt and Ashtyn can stay there without having to go out of the country every 3 months. Thank God we got the paperwork from Greece just on time and we were able to complete the papers.

Ashtyn is six months old and can now sit up unsupported. She does topple over every once in a while, but she gets better at it every day. She eats her cereal in the morning, fruit for lunch, and vegetables in the evening. She continues to nurse throughout the day. We have so much fun playing with her and we love to make her laugh. If we find something that makes her laugh we'll do it over and over until it's not funny to her anymore! :)

Here are some pics of her when she first started sitting up:

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Lindy said...

hey matt and nikki! Ashtyn is so precious! hope you all have a safe trip! :0)