Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our visit from Gram, Miranda, and Tanner

We have spent the last two weeks packing and basically living out of suitcases in our home! We are moving out of our house on Sunday and the renters are moving in on Monday. We will be staying with a close friend until we depart for Greece in 3 weeks. It's hard to believe the time has already come for us to go. We are excited and have a lot to look forward to, but we will miss our family in the States so much. We are thankful for technology such as this where we can talk frequently and even see each other over the internet. It makes it a little easier!
We had the chance to see Nancy, Miranda, and Tanner one more time before we leave. They flew down here and stayed for 3 days. We had a wonderful time together at Stone Mountain, going to the pool, playing games at home, and eating 16 muffins we got free from eating at Mimi's cafe. (If you eat there for the first time, each person gets 4 free muffins!)
We will definitely miss you!

My brother, Stephen, graduated from Abilene Christian University last week. Congratulations! We wish we could have been there! He is planning to attend grad school in January to work on a Masters in Zoology with an emphasis in Herpatology. He has an exciting life ahead of him!

Our little girl will turn 6 months old next week. She can sit up for a few seconds and then flops over. She is doing much better eating her vegetables and I have started her on the yellows (the yummy ones). She likes those and didn't nearly make the faces she made with the green veggies. She loves to go to the pool, listen to her cds from grandma and poppy, and play with her toys.

Stone Mountain Park

She is about to outgrow this swing - her feet hang off the end!

Going to the pool

Playing around in her newborn baby basket...and sucking her toes!

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