Monday, September 22, 2008

Arriving in Greece

We finally made it over to Greece! We arrived here on Sept. 9th at 2:30am after a two day trip. All of our flights were on time and we did not lose any luggage so that was nice! Ashtyn did pretty well considering the length of the trip including layovers. She cried for about one hour going from Chicago to London and then she fell asleep until the plane landed. She was fussy going from London to Athens since it was around midnight and I was still dragging her here and there. When we arrived at the airport, my parents were there to pick us up as well as a couple from Hellenic Ministries, Heath and Mariko. Heath and Mariko have been in Greece for one year and they will be helping us as we get settled into the ministry. That same night we went to the Hellenic Ministries kick off party for the new year. They introduced our family and prayed for us. It was exciting to be reconnected with them and see familiar faces.

My parents have been extremely helpful and wonderful hosts while we have been living with them. Ashtyn is now a little more adjusted and she has one more place to be moved to...our own apartment! We have been searching for an apartment and we pinned one down tonight. We were able to get the owner to come down on the price to fit our budget and we are very happy with it. We needed a place close to the center of Athens and not too far from my parents. We also bought a car which we are so thankful for finding. It is a 4 door Chevy Lacetti. It is much easier to get Ashtyn's carseat in a 4 door car! It took a while to get this finalized as we found out we needed to get all different kinds of paperwork done in order to purchase a car, rent an apartment etc. My parents were running us here and there to the offices and we have accomplished what we needed at this time.

The weather got cool overnight! Once the sun goes down we have to put on our sweaters. Greece usually stays hot until the end of September, so it's a little strange.

We attended the love meal at Hellenic Ministries last Monday. It was the first one, so there were not too many people there. Matt and one of the workers roamed the streets and invited people to come in for a hot meal. We served them and visited with the refugees and some of the workers we had not met from Hellenic Ministries.

We are slowly getting settled in and taking care of legal documents. Our container is scheduled to come in about 4 days. We have been told there are delays at the Athens port, so our container will probably not be here for a while. We are praying for it to arrive quickly as we have found an apartment now.

We think about our friends and family in the States daily. We love you and have enjoyed talking to you either on the phone or internet.

Spending time with Ruthie before leaving for Greece.

On the airplane going from Chicago to London

Crashing in Heathrow airport while waiting for our next flight

Ashtyn is 7 months old

Uncle Ken and Aunt Katina came to visit!


Miranda said...

What a SWEET ANGEL! I can't believe how big my precious baby niece has gotten. And she is absolutely beautiful...she has the sweetest look about her. Give her hugs and kisses for us. Miss you. We love you guys so much!!

Melody said...

She's getting so big! She looks like a 12 month old in that picture where she's sleeping on you - so sweet!! We're sending her lots of kisses (and you guys too :) We miss you!

Josh and LB said...

hey, we might be out ya'lls way in December. I am hoping it works out...we'd love to go there and see you guys. I'll keep you posted! Miss you guys so much!

Rob said...

Rejoicing with you and praying for you daily!!!

Rob and traci

Brady and Kristin said...

wow, it sounds like things are coming together well! that's exciting! Many blessings! --Kristin