Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween and Growing Up!

Okay, I think I'm all caught up on pictures now. Our little girl is just growing up too quickly and I am so thankful I get to spend quality time with her every day. Halloween didn't really feel like Halloween since Greece doesn't celebrate this day. However, I decided to wear an orange shirt and I found a Halloween outfit in Ashtyn's closet that one of my GAC parents gave to her. Well, we were going to my parent's house to say "trick or treat" and had to stop at the bank on the way. Well, we certainly got strange looks from people. Even the people who worked at the bank couldn't stop staring. They probably felt sorry for Ashtyn. What kind of a crazy mom would dress their kid like that!?! It was pretty funny.

For some reason Ashtyn likes to suck on her fingers backwards.

This is my friend Phaedra whom I have known since 3rd grade. We were neighbors growing up and she babysat for Ashtyn today while my parents are in England. It was great seeing her again!

Ashtyn loves to get into this tub of toys. She will sometimes dump the whole thing onto her lap!


Josh and LB said...

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing those pictures of Ashtyn! She is getting so big! We miss you guys! I am sure you guys are loving it there! Funny enough, Josh will actually be in Athens and Cyprus first 3 weeks of December so he is going to try and hook up with you guys! Crazy! I am jealous b/c I would love to see ya'll!

Melody said...

oh these are so cute!! i love the pink & black outfit...that was one of my favorite outfits on Zoe. I think she's actually starting to look a little like you too!! she's just darling

Miranda said...

The Halloween outfit is adorable...and I'm positive the workers at the bank were simply looking b/c they'd never seen such a beautiful little girl!! Love the pink tights and dress. Girls clothes are so fun. Love you guys so much. Talk to you soon.

Lindy said...

yay for new Ashtyn pictures! She is sooo adorable! Looks like you all are getting settled nicely! Blessings~ The Carr family :0)