Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving & December

This year we spent Thanksgiving Day at Harding University in Porto Rafti. My parents attend every year and we had a feast of food before us! It was such a blessing to be there and have family to spend this day together. Harding had all the food provided and Matt and I brought the icecream! That was easy enough! :) We sure did miss Thanksgiving at Grandma and Poppy's house in Oklahoma!! And I know Melody cooked up a storm and Stephen provided the wild boar he killed! I don't think we missed out on the wild boar! Congratulations to Gary and Michael for their Thanksgiving bucks they shot...yummy! :)

On November 30th we went to our church's Christmas party at the Titania Hotel. There was good food, English, Bulgarian, Greek, and Russian Christmas carols, and a message about the birth of Christ. We had a wonderful time and then we went to the roof garden to take some pictures. There was a great view of the acropolis and the weather felt warm for December.

Ashtyn has had a rough week being sick. I took her to the doctor on Wednesday for a regular check up and it just so happened that day she started a fever so it was perfect timing. The doctor told us she had a very red, swollen throat and it was a throat virus so we couldn't put her on medicine. Well she continued to get worse making it very painful for her to swallow. This morning she woke up with a red, splotchy rash all over her face, back, and chest so I called the pediatrician. I woke her up even though it was 9 am, and she told me she has Strep throat which led to Scarlet fever, thus the rash. So, she put her on antibiotic and she is doing SO much better right now. It was shocking to me that this doctor didn't even ask to see her and she put her on antiobiotic and diagnosed it as Strep...I guess that's one of the differences between Greece and the U.S. We didn't even need a perscription to get it!

Here are some pictures of Thanksgiving, Christmas and our apartment.

This is the view from the Athens Centre where Matt goes for his Greek lessons.

Ashtyn loves taking a bath and I love playing with her hair!

Pappou at Thanksgiving

Mimi is showing Ashtyn a scarecrow

I found Ashtyn standing up in her crib for the first time.

At the roof garden of the Titania Hotel

Our little sweetie!

My friend Holly came to visit Greece while she was studying in Vienna. Holly helped me in my classroom for two years when I taught at GAC.

Some of you asked to see pictures of our apartment, so here it is! I didn't take any of the bedrooms yet....I need to pick up first! :)

View from our balcony on a cloudy day!


Melody said...

i can't believe she's getting so big and I'm missing it :(

She is such a cute baby - i love all her cute outfits you've put on her! Isn't it fun dressing a girl?? Your apartment looks great...

miss you lots...melody

Josh and LB said...

Wow...Ashtyn is so stinkin' cute! Like I always told Melody...Greek babies are the cutest! I swear!

Loving the apartment! So cute! It looks all cozy and put together. So jealous got to see you guys but I know he really enjoyed that...we'll be there at some point hopefully!

Miranda said...

Seriously... Ashtyn is one of the most beautiful baby girls I've ever seen!!! I could just stare at her picture. I wish so bad I could hold her and experience her personality. The expressions on her face are so kind. Your precious baby girl looks so happy. I love her so much and can't wait to play with her someday.
Your apartment looks wonderful and cozy. Hope you guys are steering clear of the riots. Love you guys a ton! Miranda