Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day

This Christmas was very special for Matt and I because we got to spend it with Ashtyn for the first time. It was fun playing Santa Claus and video taping her unwrapping her presents. We opened presents to each other at our house, just the 3 of us. Then we headed off to my parents house and had more gift exchanges. One of Ashtyn's favorite gifts was her first baby doll that Uncle Stephen bought for her. She was so excited that she was trying to pull it out of the box even though it was tied in with a bunch of twisty ties. She was very impatient as we were trying to help her. She loved that doll and hugged and kissed it! Mom got a new puppy for Christmas! Yes, she did get one for her birthday as a surprise from my dad, but it was not the "perfect puppy" my mom was looking for...oops! Well, she was in a pet store the other day and ...there it was! Her perfect puppy! It was born on her birthday and she fell in love with it. I have to admit it really is an adorable puppy. So, my dad tried again...and he bought it for her Christmas present. She was very happy! :) So now she has two pomeranians. After my parents, we went to my Uncle John and Aunt Georgina's house in Corinth. My parents go there every Christmas and I used to growing up. They are always kind to have so many people over for Christmas lunch. I got to see my cousins and their children too. Here are pictures of Christmas Day with some of Ashtyn's gifts.

Gift from Santa

Opening gifts with daddy

Ashtyn likes to crawl under the exersaucer

Messy face!!

Christmas at Mimi and Papou's house

Mom's new cutie pie :)

Ashtyn's new baby doll

At Uncle John's house

New outfit from Mimi

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