Monday, February 23, 2009

Some long overdue pics

Here are some pics of our little one. We just celebrated her first birthday yesterday, Feb. 22. I can't believe how much she has grown and learned in just one year. She is such a sweet girl and God has blessed us with a very special gift. Happy birthday baby girl...we love you! Birthday pictures soon to come...stay posted!

Getting into my diaper bag anyone watching?

In a tub with a big cow!
Helping with the laundry...

Wearing mommy's slippers!

Trip to the zoo...Ashtyn loves cows!

Like father, like daughter...

Yummy avocado!

Toothies! :)

How old are you?

Cat fight at the beach!
Wonderful park by the beach

This is Ashtyn's cabinet in the kitchen...all plasticware.

Yiayia turned 95! We are at her house with my Uncle John celebrating.

Ashtyn sleeps with this puppy every night. She loves it!

At church with of the girls in the children's Bible class.

Vera giving Ashtyn a first haircut at church. We tried to hold off for Gram but the hair was just tooooo long!


Josh and LB said...

Yay! I loved the pictures! Thanks for keeping us posted! Miss you guys!

Melody said...

She is so big...I cannot believe it! And I think she's really starting to look a lot like you Nikki! It's amazing how they can change so much...

Can't wait to see her at Christmas....soooo far away!