Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stopping to smell the flowers...

These pictures were taken after my tutoring lesson at parent's house. These are wild flowers and I think they are so beautiful so I just had to add my husband and daughter to the pics! Ashtyn has had a lot of time outdoors lately. We just got finished with our Hellenic Ministry Family Conference. Since the staff of HM has grown so much they decided to have it at Porto Astro Camp to save on cost. At first I was so worried about the logistics of all this and bringing a baby (no heat, no electricity, how will I heat up her baby food, make bottles etc.) but it all worked out and we had an amazing time. We met some missionaries that are with HM but work in other areas around the world. We had a highschool group from Canada come and serve which Matt was responsible for leading them around. They did all the cooking, child care (which was a nice break for me) and work projects around the property! We had a guest speaker from Holland who spoke to us every day and shared some amazing stories of his life as a missionary. It was great to just get away from the city life and enjoy God's nature every day. When we got back I did laundry for 3 days and then we packed back up and headed to Northern Greece (Leptokarya) for a church conference. Matt had a booth set up representing HM as well as a slideshow running. The conference was all in Greek so Matt really had a chance to use his Greek. Ashtyn loved playing outside with the other children. I couldn't leave her for one second or she would eat sand and rocks!
We are back in Athens now and are busy with the work here. Matt begins his level 4 Greek lesson this Monday. One more level to go!! Yipee!

Walking around

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Melody said...

She is a doll!! Soooo big! can't wait to see you in September Ashtyn!!! Let Aunt Melody know what special gift you want me to bring you!