Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catching up!

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog. I know when I am long overdue because I start getting comments from family members about needing to update my pictures! :) Oops!
So here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the last couple of months/weeks. I tried to move the pics so they would be in order but for some reason it is not letting me move they are out of order, sorry.
We were so excited to have Ken and Wanda come stay with us for a week. Wanda taught first grade with me. We had such a good time together and they were so helpful with Ashtyn. We already miss them! Some of the pictures below were taken in Delphi, Greece with Ken and Wanda. Soon after they left, Matt went to the Refugee Men's camp at Porto Astro. He was so encouraged and came back with so many positive reports. The men absolutely loved it out there. It was a wonderful escape for them and a time to hear about God's Word. A few days after that we went to the Family Refugee Camp. There were about 12 families present with an average of 4 kids per family. Matt led a teaching and discussion group of teenagers, and I was involved with the children's program while the men and women were involved in their own class and discussion. We had special crafts for the women and children. They were so grateful at the end of the camp and we were sad to see them go. On Tuesday we are off again to the Peloponese. Hellenic Ministries is distributing 40,000 New Testaments in modern Greek to the villages in a certain area of the Peloponese. The summer is going full force and time is going by very fast.
Ashtyn continues to bring so much joy to our lives. She is funny and is saying so many words. In church she will say "Amen" even if the prayer is not finished and then she will say it again at the end of the prayer. It makes for some good laughs. She knows lots of animal sounds, loves going to Mimi and Pappou's house, and she loves going to the beach and the park. Her hair is really light from the sun. She is a sweet little girl and quite a handful!

At the ruins in Delphi

Refugee Men's on the trampoline!

Playing soccer at the Men's camp

Canoeing in the Aegean Sea


Rock Wall climbing

Matt with two of the refugee men

Arriving at the Men's camp

Ashtyn loved this slushie in was so hot!

Walking with daddy

Downtown Athens

We thought this lady's costume was very pretty. She moves only if you drop some coins in her bucket.

Swinging at a park outside of Athens

At Sounion visiting the temple of Poseidon with Ken and Wanda

At mimi and pappou's house on my birthday

Sounion again

Ken and Wanda

I just had to get a pic of this...she fell asleep waiting on me to finish vacuuming. I guess her movie wasn't very interesting.