Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Operation Joshua 2 and bday gifts!

We are back from our trip to southern Greece in the Peloponese. Operation Joshua 2 was a big success! As a team 44,000 Bibles were distributed to the Greek villages in Messinia, Greece. We stayed in tents located on a wonderful campsite in Kiparisia. It was right on the ocean and the facilities were just what we needed. Every day the teams would work out their day and set off in the morning and come back at night. Some nights were very late. The teams experienced both receptiveness and rejection from the Greek people receiving the bibles. Some people invited them for icecream and coffee and some people, such as a Greek Orthodox priest kicked us out of the village and was beating on the car. This happened to Matt's team! Well the job got done and people have bibles in their hands that they didn't have before in their own modern language. That's exciting! Ashtyn and I spent much time on the beach together. Since the days were so long (6-8 hours of walking) it would be too difficult for Ashtyn. So we remained behind at the campsite with the other moms and children.
When we returned from our trip we checked our mail and we're delighted to receive a big box from Grandpa Gary, Gigi, Uncle Michael, Aunt Miranda, Uncle Doug, and cousin Chloe! Oh what fun! Clothes, cards, teapot set, fun pelican, bathtime toys, family picture flashcards, and a stroller. I have to say the picture cards are a brilliant idea. She has already learned some new names. I try to do a few everyday. Our family is growing and there are a lot of names to learn. Thank you so much for all the gifts. Here are some pictures of our most recent events. Love you guys and miss you!! Happy Birthday to our nephew Jackson who turned 4 on July 6th! What a big boy!! We are off to teenager camp tomorrow.

The beach at Kiparisia

Teams packing up the bibles to distribute

Boxes of bibles

Sweet Essie (Esther) helping...Ashtyn loves her!

The big work tent

Playing in the big tent

Sunset at the campsite

Matt playing beach volley at sunset after a hard day of work

Opening the big box of bday presents

Opening presents with Daddy

One pretty teapot...she loves this! She swings the teapot when it sings.

Learning the family flashcards

She has the best daddy in the whole world!

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Lindy said...

ashtyn is so beautiful! She has grown so much. I bet your parents love having her nearby :0)