Monday, October 19, 2009

Santorini in September

It is October and everything is in full swing! The love meals are full, the spiritual discussion continues to be a blessing, Greek language class is in session, I have started back with tutoring, and I actually have started driving a stick shift by myself. Let me tell you this is one challenge in my life that I never thought I would break through. After a year of fear, shaking, car dying, stopping in the middle of the road with my hazard lights on and everyone having to go around me, and poor Matt as my teacher...I actually drove to my parents and back by myself for the first time today. For most of you who are reading this it may sound absurd that this is such an accomplishment. Well, let me explain...some people have different phobias. For example, bibliophobia...fear of books, ichthiophobia....fear of fish, xenophobia....fear of strangers....well, my phobia was (and still is somewhat) stick shift cars. Maybe I should invent a new name for this phobia. Okay, enough of that...
You won't believe this...Matt and I whitnessed a hailstorm in Greece. After 3 days of gloomy, rainy weather Matt, Ashtyn and I were all taking a nap. I all of a sudden heard a massive thunder so I got up and looked outside. Hail was coming down like crazy (ping pong ball size) over the mountain, down the street. I ran to wake up Matt, but he already heard what was going on out there. It lasted less than a minute but this was one thing I have never seen in my life! It was awesome....(except for all the little dents on our car).
September was a terrific month. My sister's family all came to Greece for a visit. Her and Andy have two precious children Jackson, 4, and Zoe, 2. Unfortunately Ashtyn was sick with a high fever so she missed the first week of their stay. The next week we went to Santorini and stayed for 5 days. We had the best time even though it was overcast most days. Ashtyn got to know her cousins and they had so much fun together at the beach. My parents just finished remodeling their house and it is beautiful. We all stayed together in the house except for my parents. They thought it would be too crowded. So they would leave at night and come back in the morning. At least they had their peace at night without three toddlers!

I have so many pictures to share so here is a link you can click on to view our album:

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